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Tag: Meditations with John Henry Newman

About Fr. Juan Velez

Fr. Juan R. Vélez G., author of this biography, is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei who resides in Chicago. He holds a doctorate in dogmatic

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Other Biographies

This popular biography compliments the many good existing biographies of Card. Newman. Under About Passion for Truth, the Life of John Henry Newman, you can find the

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Ilow Roque

Take Five | Meditations with John Henry Newman “There is a time to put direct inquiry on hold and give ourselves to prayer and practical

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Lisa Kende

As the mother of four young adult children, including one still in college, I am constantly seeking spiritual material succinct enough to fit into their

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Pam Forrester

John Cardinal Henry Newman was a convert to Catholicism. I too am a convert from a zealous Protestantism to Our Beautiful Catholic Faith. I read

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