IMG_0220In A University Education for the 21st Century: The Opening of the American Mind Fr. Vélez discusses some of the serious problems of contemporary liberal arts education in North America, while making the case for a good liberal arts education, and offering students and parents helpful suggestions for attaining this goal. Careful selection of a school, courses and a mentor as well as a community of friends will open the MIND of students and prepare them for more meaningful lives and participation in society.

A University Education for the 21st Century: The Opening of the American Mind  will be available through the CreateSpace store, Amazon and other online outlets on February 21st, the anniversary of Cardinal Newman’s birth (1801).

Juan Vélez’s little book should be of interest to anyone concerned about the state of higher education, but it is particularly useful as a vade mecum for the serious high school graduate who is about to make the exciting but perilous choice of a college. This in an era that is unsure even of the purpose of a higher education and the liberal arts tradition that remains precariously its core. Guided by the spirit of John Henry Newman, Father Juan combines a history of liberal education and the university with a lively critique of its contemporary failings, whether the politicization of the classroom, tireless debunking of the West, contempt for idealism, or abject careerism.  There follows a strong argument for fundamental reform as well as abundant practical advice for choosing colleges and courses that cultivate true learning. There has never been a greater need for academic (and spiritual) mentoring, and this book serves that purpose well.

John Hulsman, Emeritus Professor of English, Rider College

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