Why is a liberal arts education important? And what is a liberal arts education? These are questions that we need to ask seriously, especially if we wish to grow as human beings and serve our families and society. In A University Education for the 21st Century: The Opening of the American Mind Fr. Vélez looks at these and other related and relevant questions for students, parents and educators.

This book will be released on February 21st, the anniversary of Blessed Cardinal Newman’s birthday (1801).

“A University Education in the 21st Century  is a wonderfully sane and invaluable guide for parents and students on the value of a liberal arts education and how  to access it in an increasingly secular and scientific academy. Father Juan Velez’s experience with students as a chaplain in American universities deepens and enriches a beautifully clear, concise  and compelling  text.”

Professor Anthony Adamthwaite, Department of History, University of California at Berkeley

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