IMG_0248Why another book on higher education? For the most part our universities and colleges have lost their vision of the education of the whole person, and the ordering of the different sciences. Aware of this students need to discover the Western Tradition and create their own curriculum based on this Tradition. A University Education for the 21st Century: The Opening of the American Mind will be published at the end of February, and be available through Amazon.

“Juan Velez writes for students who are forming their mind and will, seeking a liberal arts education within the current context of great American universities and colleges. Velez writes in the tradition of James Schall, Allan Bloom and Mark Henrie, and preeminently his spiritual mentor, John Henry Newman. The book is a readable guide for the student who will ultimately need to create one’s own curriculum in the Western tradition, following some aspects of the traditional seven liberal arts.”

Robert T. Constable DSW, Professor Emeritus, Loyola University, Chicago


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