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Desk, Copyright Birmingham Oratory, IMG_4655A University Education for the 21st Century: The Opening of the American Mind is a book that I wrote in 2014. It is my hope that this work will help students, parents and university administrators in the way they think about a university education. This book, inspired in the Western liberal arts tradition, owes a lot to the writings of Blessed John Henry Newman.

In the next two weeks this site will post endorsements by various university professors. The book will be available through Amazon.

A University Education for the 21st Century answers questions that should be on the minds of all reflective young people: why study the liberal arts?  Where would it be best for me to do so?  And how, once in college or university, should I go about seeking an education that will shape both my intellect and will?  Many high schools and universities do not provide sound guidance for young men and women asking these questions; Fr. Vélez’s book will be welcome and essential reading for them.

Christopher Tollefsen

Professor of Philosophy

University of South Carolina

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