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Author: David Warren


The Life of All Things

What deserves our attention most? That which is essential to our life. Too often, the opposite is true – we give our attention to less important things. Blessed Newman teaches us to adore the Holy Spirit as the Life of all things and deserving of our attention.

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Three Minutes with Newman

The Temples of the Holy Ghost

What does it mean to be a temple of the Holy Ghost? Blessed Newman teaches us the great dignity of our bodies as he meditates on the Resurrection of our Lord.

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Sermon Blog

Rising with Christ

On this Holy Saturday we await our Lord’s resurrection. We too wish to rise with Him. To do so, we must have an inner life hidden with Him.

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Sermon Blog

Are You a Consistent Christian?

What separates consistent Christians from nominal Christians? Blessed John Henry Newman explains how sincerity is the mark of the consistent Christian, while the nominal Christian has a double mind.

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