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Author: Fr. Juan Velez


The Truth about Sexual Abuse by Clergy

When Catholics seek the truth, and boldly defend it, trust in the Catholic Church and its bishops and priests will be restored. But the truth must be told clearly, in faithfulness to Christ.

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Sermon Blog

Promising Without Doing

Newman reminds us that we don’t want to make empty promises to God. Thus we must look at our hearts and actions every day.

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Three Minutes with Newman

Solemnity of the Blessed Trinity

God is a Triune God, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, and we come to know Him through Jesus Christ. Blessed Newman helps to go to the Father through the Son in the Spirit.

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St. Paul’s Gift of Sympathy

In this sermon preached at the University Church in Dublin John Henry Newman presents us with St. Paul’s humanity and charity as an example to follow.

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Sermon Blog

The Gospel Palaces

It is fitting that church buildings are magnificent and beautiful because they are symbols of Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday and today and for ever.

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