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Poetry Blog


In the poem Sleeplessness, John Henry Newman writes about trusting in God, and putting aside our pride and self reliance.

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About Newman

Deacon Jack Sullivan speaks about Newman’s conversion to Catholicism, how he sought God’s kindly light and persevered amid difficulties.

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Three Minutes with Newman

Some Thoughts for Christmas

Like St. John Henry we bring our sorrows, small or big, to Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem and return with hearts full of peace and joy.

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Sermon Blog

Chastisement amid Mercy

Knowing the difference between forgiveness and pardon will give us even greater resolve to change and atone for past sins.

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The Watchman

In this time of Advent, St. John Henry Newman invites us to be watchmen of the kind who gaze toward heaven, waiting for Our Lord.

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Sermon Blog

Individuality of the Soul

St. John Henry reflects on the uniqueness of the soul of each human created by God, and on doctrine of judgment after death.

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