decon-sullivanDeacon Jack Sullivan received a miraculous cure from a severe spinal stenosis on August 15, 2001 after praying to Cardinal Newman. On July 3, 2009 Pope Benedict announced that this healing was a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed John Henry Newman. Pope Benedict beatified Cardinal Newman on September 19, 2010 and Deacon Sullivan was present acting as deacon.

On EWTN live Fr. Mitch Pacwa recently interviewed Deacon Jack who explained the various steps in his cure and how it allowed him to continue his studies for the permanent diaconate and subsequent service to God.

This cure through the intercession of Blessed Newman leads us to grow in faith in God’s providence and to ask him for other spiritual and physical cures and favors for relatives and friends.

Deacon Sullivan said ‘I did not look for Newman; he looked for me.’ And later in reply to a question from someone in the audience who asked about the communion of the saints and how he worked at the friendship with the saints he replied ‘I don’t have to work at it. I feel his experiences and input in about everything I do.’ And he added ‘but I pray to him everyday.’

Please pray through the intercession of Blessed Newman for the intentions of those mentioned in the section titled “Prayer Intentions.”

Click here for the prayer for canonization of Newman

Please visit Deacon Jack Sullivan’s Website for more information.


Here is a link to Servant of God John Hardon’s entry on beatification:

Link to definition of beatification (outside link)

For his definition of canonization please visit:

Link to definition of canonization (outside link)


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