This popular biography compliments the many good existing biographies of Card. Newman. Under About Passion for Truth, the Life of John Henry Newman, you can find the focus of this particular biography. Below is a list of some of the existing biographies:

  • Meriol Trevor, Newman, The Pillar of the Cloud (1962)
  • Masie Ward, Young Mr. Newman (1948)
  • Ian Ker, John Henry Newman (1988)
  • Brian Martin, John Henry Newman: His Life and Works (2000)
  • Jose Morales, Newman: 1801-1890 (1990)
  • Sheridan Gilley, Newman and his Age (1990)
  • Avery Dulles, John Henry Newman (2002)
  • Kathleen Dietz, Mary-Birgit Dechant, Blessed John Henry Newman: A Richly Illustrated Portrait (2010)
  • Louis Bouyer, Newman: An Intellectual and Spiritual Biography of John Henry Newman (2011)

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