Sermon 3. “Waiting for Christ”

Sermon 3. “Waiting for Christ”

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Newman explains that a Christian is one who waits and watches for Christ as a living and personal being, as Creator and Savior, not as an idea, but as on one who is the object of his faith, hope and love. He writes of Christians: “They, then, watch and wait for their Lord, who are tender and sensitive in their devotion towards Him; who feed on the thought of Him, hang on His words; live in His smile, and thrive and grow under His hand. They are eager for His approval, quick in catching His meaning, jealous of His honor.

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  • Ron Snyder Posted March 8, 2016 8:26 am

    Thanks Fr. Juan for another excellent reading. Bl. Newman’s description of the devotion of the saints calls to mind Chapter 1 of his “Apologia pro vita sua” where early in his life he came to the conviction the existence of “two and two only absolute and luminously self-evident beings, myself and my Creator.” If we could only come to that same conviction then we too would “live the very of Jesus, as food, as medicine, as fragrance, as light, as life from the dead.” Newman knows that all of us struggle for this conviction of a saint when he closes “God in His mercy rouse our sluggish spirits, and inflame our earthly hearts, that we may cease to be an exception in His great family, which is ever adoring, praising, and loving Him.”

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